Our Vision

The Place

Honduras is a beautiful Central American country bordered by Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, the Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. With a population of slightly more than 9 million, it covers an area a little larger than the state of Tennessee.

The People

Most of the population lives in the western part of the country and is centered around the two main cities, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. From gang violence to bands of migrants fleeing the country, Honduras has made the national news on many occasions recently. Our vision is to see Jesus and His gospel change lives and free from sin. Our specific burden is for the department of Olancho where there are far less missionaries and Bible preaching churches.

Photo Source: citypopulation.de (used with permission)

Church Planting

Our primary goal in Honduras is church planting in order to instruct nationals to be the future pastors. Another area we are passionate about is discipleship, teaching the word of God in a one-on-one setting with individuals who seek to grow in their faith. We recognize that godly families begin with godly men, and our desire is to train Godly leaders so entire families can decide to follow after Christ.

Young People

Over 50% of the population is 24 and under, and we are excited about reaching the young people. One wide open door for ministry is the public school system, and we hope to start a ministry teaching the Bible in the local public schools.

Music Ministry

We are also excited about sharing our love for music as a means to worship God. While Daniel was completing his internship in Honduras, he taught music in a local school as well as private music lessons. When we return, we plan on teaching Hondurans to discern between worldly and Christ honoring music as well as providing them with musical instruction so they can use their talents to praise God.